Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trying to settle in....

Hi! I thought I would pop in and say hello. We are still trying to settle in. It seems that the older I get the harder it is to move. ;-)
We are learning our way around a bit. I have been to The Strawberry Sampler up in Pennsylvania and I have some new stash to prove it!  ;-) I tried to meet up with Catherine from Bramblewood Stitches, but it didn't work out. We are hoping it will work out soon.
I have a major case of startitis lately. I have started several new knitting projects and cross stitch projects too. I am thinking of starting Pumpkin Patch Inn too.;-) I am working on October cottage by CCN and Autumn Band Sampler by LHN.
It is starting to look like Autumn around here. It was 48 degrees when I woke up yesterday. It is so lovely after living in the desert for so long.
My daughter and I had a girls day yesterday and ventured up into Pennsylvania to a lovely tea room. It was so delightful!
Well the boys have gone down to the bay to go fishing so I am going to make a cup of tea and stitch for a while. :-) I will try to be better about posting!  ;-)
Happy stitching!
Love, Heather


Kay said...

I have startitis too. I ave a big problem with wanting to start too many then things get left by the wayside in my sad WIP pile.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Oh, Heather! You are near Strawberry Sampler?? How fun! That shop is on my must visit someday list. : ) I love your stash choices and your stitching is just lovely. I'm glad you are settling in!!


Barb said...

You have some great stash!!and good starts!

Carol said...

How nice that you were able to make a trip to The Strawberry Sampler, Heather--love your newest stash! I'm sure glad you enjoy the 48 degree weather--what a change that must be for you!!

Beautiful stitching--enjoy your first fall in the northeast :)

Penny said...

Moving is hard work - hope you get settled soon. :) How fun that you could visit The Strawberry Sampler! It's been way too long since I've been. Guess I'll have to rectify that soon. :) And it looks like you came away with some great stash! Pretty start on your new project!

Catherine said...

Glad you a settling in! Great goodies and hopefully, next time, we can make it work to get together!

Sally said...

Wonderful new stash and new starts!

Kathy Ellen said...

It looks like you have a great new stash of needlework projects all lined up and ready to stitch! 'Pumpkin Patch' and 'October Cottage' are coming along beautifully.

Enjoy those hot cups of tea and your stitching on these cooler autumn days.