Friday, October 12, 2012

Time Flies.....

 Hi everyone!! I am sorry I have been absent for 5 months!!!! Life has been challenging and my desire to stitch and blog left me for a while! :o( But, I have decided that instead of waiting for the storms to pass, I am going to learn to dance in the rain! ;o) I live with constant pain and sometimes I fall into a pity party and I didn't want this blog to be a part of that, so if I drop off for a while then you know what is going on. ;o) Well except for the next 2 weeks. We are leaving on holiday soon so I will be quiet again! ;o)

I haven't been stitching much but I did finish April Showers by Country Cottage Needleworks. I also finished June cottage, but I must not have taken a picture of it before I packed it away. When I put up my September cottage I will take a picture and show. I started on July and October Cottage, but didn't finish them in time. But there is always next year. ;o) I didn't even attempt August! ;o)
Here is September's cottage. I changed the window, skipped the flowers by September and changed the colours to what I liked better.

 Here is the September cottage on my piano in the sitting room.
Instead of stitching a lot the last few months, I have been knitting a lot. Here is one of the shawls I am working on. If you are a member of Ravelry you can see the details and see what I have been up to lately.

I have kitted up November cottage, an ornament and pulled Poinsettia House that I started last year and they are in my project bag ready for some holiday stitching. ;o)

I have slowly started commenting on your blogs again, and I hope to catch up soon.

Love, Heather