Thursday, May 28, 2015

May Stitch from Stash

Balance forward: $ 46.77
Budget $25.00
Spent: $ 57.20
Balance to carryover: $ 14.57

Good evening! I got confused on my dates, so I am just going to have a quick post!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet and encouraging comments on my last post! I am still replying to them. :-)

I visited a new to me cross stitch shop this past month. My husband had a comp day during the week, so we headed down to Ocean City, Maryland. I had a few minutes to pop into Salty Yarns. You definitely need way more than a few minutes! :-) But I was able to get in enough trouble in those few minutes. :-)
It's definitely a shop to visit if you ever have the chance!

After visiting Salty Yarns, I felt like stitching again! I am not stitching a whole lot, but I am enjoying it! I finished the adorable project that I showed last time. I just love it! I need to make a trip to JoAnns to find some fabric to finish it up. :-)

One of my purchases this month was County Cottage Needleworks Seasonal Celebrations: Summer. I am loving it! I plan on doing all of the pieces in the series. I love everything about this stitchery! The words, the little cottage and the bunting! :-) :-) :-)

Hopefully I will be back soon with this piece finished!

See you soon! Happy stitching!
Love, Heather