Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some more stitching.....

 Here is May Cottage from CCN and the next picture you can see it in context. This is the wall above my piano in my sitting room, which is the first room that you walk into in my home. ;o)
 Here is the progress that I have made on European Goldfinches by Crossed Winged Collection.It is coming along nicely. I am really enjoying this one, I am stitching it on 32ct platinum linen with the recommended DMC threads. I have put it aside for now while I am working on June Cottage. I will pull it out again soon.
 Here is my before picture of In the Garden with Jane Austen.
 And this is what I stitched on Friday afternoon while I watched the first 2 chapters of the '95 A&E Pride & Prejudice. (I love that movie!!!)
I finished April showers by CCN on Tuesday evening. I am going to try and stretch it today and hopefully be back tomorrow to show y'all! ;o)
I hope all the mommas who read my blog had a lovely Momma's day on Sunday. I had a lovely one!! The only sad part was that my oldest couldn't come home! :o( I got some lovely stash and will show that with my next post.
I had better get busy and get some work done before it heats up! It is supposed to be 99 today! ICK! ;o)

Happy stitching1

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jane Austen Stitch Along

Hi! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post! Y'all made my day!

 I don't think I have ever posted on my blog how much I LOVE Jane Austen! ;o) Well I do and I am a major Janeite! I re~read her books every year, I love the movies (well most of them) they have made from her books, I have read several of the biographies that have been written on her life. Our family has a tea party on her birthday every year. I even have a window sticker on my van that says "My other ride is a barouche"! ;o) So, now y'all know how crazy I truly am!! ;o) Well, I have been enjoying being a part of the CCN's cottage stitch along that I thought it would be fun to have a Jane Austen one. I am planning on pulling my In the Garden with Jane Austen out of the UFO pile and ripping out some colours that I do not care for and stitching on it. I am going to be working on my Jane piece of Fridays while either watching one of the adaptations or listening to an audio version of one of her books. I thought we could post progress on our blogs each week. There are so many great Jane pieces over at Sampler Girl.
Anyone want to join me? I am going to start this Friday. I will show before and after pictures. Let me know if you want to join me! ;o)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry that I have been gone so long!! I can't believe it has been almost 3 months since I last posted. YIKES! Lots going on mainly company and sickness but I won't bore y'all with that! ;o) This post is mainly going to be pictures of what I have been stitching on these last 3 months and then I am going to try and post more regularly. ;o)
 March Cottage of the Month by CCN on 28ct Lambswool Linen with recommended threads except the pink which I used a DMC variation.
 March Flip it by Lizzie Kate finished into a little pillow with some scraps leftover from a skirt that my daughter made. ;o)
 April Flip it by Lizzie Kate not finished into a pillow with scraps from my fabric cupboard! ;o)
 April Cottage by CCN stitched on 28 ct Lambswool Linen using the recommended threads.
 Here is where my April Cottage is hanging with a lovely African Violet. The colours match beautifully! ;o)
 My new start! This is European Goldfinches by Crossed Wing Collection. I am stitching it on 32ct. linen. I remembered the name until I started to type it and then it flew out of my brain. I will look it up and post it next time.;o) I am a little obsessed ( or as my little one says "bazzest")with this project right now. I am loving every stitch of it!! I took this picture two days ago intending to blog that night and I have made quite a bit more progress since then! ;o) Sorry the picture is so dark.
This is another one I have started in March. I had hoped to finish it and have it hanging in my home for April and May, but other the April cottage, May cottage (which is finished I just need to stretch it!), and European Goldfinches have just got in the way of working on this! ;o)

Well, I wanted to thank everyone for commenting on my post last time. I am sorry I didn't email you back. And I also wanted to welcome my new followers!!

I hope that y'all are having a lovely spring! We are enjoying warm weather and our beautiful flowers. We already have baby tomatoes and baby squash! The rest of our veggies and herbs and growing nicely.

See you soon!!