Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On an adventure.

Hi! I know it has been a LONG time since I have posted. So much has happened since then. The major thing has been a new job for my husband. We have gone from living in south eastern Arizona to Northern Delaware. Well, technically we are in an rv park in northern Maryland right now looking for a place to live. ; 0)
We have been here 4 days now. So far we love it. ; 0) It is VERY humid and hot. The hot part we are used to but not the humidity.
Anyway, on to the stitching part. I kitted up a few things to work on before I packed all of my stitching treasures up.I decided that I needed to have some stitching therapy today (living in a 27ft travel trailer with an active 8 year old boy will make you need therapy! )! ; 0)
So, I pulled out my Victoria Sampler Christmas Robin ornament. There are a lot of Robins around our trailer. We are really enjoying watching them. Well I had better finish since I am posting from my phone. I hope that you all are having a lovely day.
Love, Heather


Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Good for you to take time to stitch! Enjoy this time making memories!!


Catherine said...

So good to see your post! Wow!! What a move ~ you a not too far from me! Let me know if you need a road trip to a LNS!

Carol said...

I think you will love Delaware, Heather--it is so close to the beach, but also close to Philly, DC, and so many other great cities. Welcome to the east coast--sure hope this humidity doesn't wear you down first thing!!

Love your little robin start--those VS birds are so sweet :)

Sally said...

I hope you are settled soon.

Love your robin start!