Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash update #3

I can't believe I have let a month go between posts. Sorry! :-) I still haven't quite recovered from the flu, I am going to the doctor on Thursday, so hopefully we can figure out what is going on with me. Enough of me. :-)
I haven't stitched a whole lot, but I have gotten some progress to show. I finished February calendar girl and started March Calendar girl and I am almost done with it. I worked a little bit on my Party Cakes any then ran out of Poblano Pepper. The newer skeins were not even in the same color tones. The DMC wasn't close either, so I headed to The Strawberry Sampler and the wonderful ladies there came to my rescue. They had some older skeins in their stash. They are my heroes!  :-)
The other day we needed to go to Whole Foods, so what's a girl to do, but go across the street to The Strawberry Sampler. :-) :-) :-) I ended up picking up a piece of fabric for Slicker Bunny, some yellow wdw for the slicker, some wdw for Frosty Forest and a little DMC kit. 
So my total for March is $25.60, but I have $48.10 carry over from the last two months, I am good to go.
Well, I hope to be back soon. I have a lot of knitting to show (I have been taking a mitten class,and I have few other things to show you. :-)
Did I mention that it's snowing here again! !! Blah!  :-(
Happy stitching!
Love, Heather

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash update #2

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!  You made my day!  Not too long after I posted, I went downhill quickly with the flu. We all ended up with it. My daughter didn't come out of her room, except for the necessary, for four days. I am still coughing. :-( Anyway, enough of that. :-) I will try to respond to everyone's comments soon. :-)
It is time again to post for the Stitch from Stash challenge. I am happy to report that I didn't spend anything this month. I did pick up the latest patterns for Frosty Forest and the Calendar Girls, but since I am on auto for those and I used my Christmas gift card at the Strawberry Sampler, I don't have to count them. :-)
One of the benefits of being sick and out of commission for so long is you get extra stitching time. :-)  I have made great progress on my Party Cakes and it's all from stash!  I have also started February Calendar Girl and besides the pattern, she is from stash. :-) I hope to finish her today. I have finished quite a bit of knitting too, but will show that another day.
It is snowing here again today, and after a couple of beautiful spring like days, it is quite depressing!  :-( Enough whining!  :-)
I hope you all are having a lovely day!
Happy stitching!
Love, Heather

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A birthday start

Well, today is my birthday. :-) I think 44 is a nice number and I might just stay with it for a few years. :-) I have had a lovely day, despite waking up with a nasty chest cold. 
I usually start something new on my birthday and spend the day stitching or knitting. I didn't want to break tradition, so I started Party Cakes by County Cottage Needleworks. I have had this chart in my stash waiting patiently for a while.
:-) I am enjoying the bright pinks of the piece. :-)
Can I just say that I am way done with winter? We are supposed to get another horrible storm starting in a couple of hours. Blah!  I am just hoping that we don't lose power. They are saying that we could get up to a foot of snow.
:-( Enough of that. Let's end on a happy note.
I was very blessed by my family and friends. I am smelling a yummy dinner cooking and looking forward to having some delicious cake. :-)
I hope that you are all having a lovely week.
Love, Heather

Monday, January 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash update#1

Happy Monday!  I hope you all are off to a good start for the week. I am just popping in really quick to make my stitch from stash update. I have done really well this month. My total spent was $1.90 for DMC. :-) I have started an ornament completely from stash. I am making LHNs Gingerbread Tree. The frogs have been very active in my stitching. :-( So I haven't gotten very far. I hope to finish it this week. I haven't been able to stitch a whole lot because I am knitting my husband a scarf for his birthday, which is next Monday. I am still plugging along on my first Frosty Forest. Well, I had better get back to knitting on my husband's scarf. :-)
Happy stitching,
Love, Heather

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! !!

I want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and blessed new year. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and to comment. I want to welcome my new followers!
I hope everyone had a lovely time last night and that you are enjoying a nice day. We had a quiet (as quiet as a home with a jazzed up 9 yo can be! !) evening with lots of snacks and games. We celebrated the new year at 9pm so little man could get to bed!  :-)
Today we are enjoying a lazy day. I made a start on my Frosty Forest piece. I am stitching it on 32ct. LL Flagstone. My LNS didn't have Pearl Grey but this is very close. I plan on stitching and knitting the day away. My daughter wants to go to Joann's and Michaels, so I will join her to do that, but otherwise you will find me in my chair with a cuppa!  :-) My hubby requested a Jane Austen movie for tonight. (Yes, he is the greatest! He's a country boy from Oklahoma who loves Jane Austen!  He says real men love Jane Austen!  ) Anyway!  ;-)
I have decided to join the Stitch from Stash group this year. With having a house for sale still in Arizona and rent here, I need to be careful!  :-) I really like the rules that they have set up for this group. I think it will help me stay on track. The only patterns I plan on buying will be the Frosty Forest series and at least some of the Calendar Girls series. I definitely want February since that is my birthday month. But we will see how well that goes! Santa Pickle gave me a gift card to my LNS for Christmas, so that will help too.  :-)
I have made some plans of what I would like to stitch for the year, but we will see how that goes. ;-) I did pretty well with my goals for last year.
Well, daughter is ready to go, so I had best head out with her! 
Happy stitching!
Love, Heather

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! !

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a new year that is filled with many blessings and much joy!

Monday, December 23, 2013

December Cottage

Good morning everyone!  It's beautifully foggy here. I LOVE fog! :-)
I am ready for Christmas. I have a very excited little one. I am afraid that he probably won't sleep for the next two nights!  ;-)
I have a finish to show you. I finished December cottage a few days before thanksgiving and had it ready to go in the frame by the first. I have stitched a little bit on an ornament but I am afraid that that is all for the month. When we rearranged our furniture to fit the tree in,  I lost my good lighting. I have been knitting a lot though. I don't need much lighting to knit, thankfully.  ;-)
We got some nice snowfall this month which thrilled my children's souls!  We have the perfect sledding backyard.  So little man trudged up and down the hill until it was a muddy mess!
I have been working on my stitching goals for next year and I hope to share them with you next week.
I hope that you all are having a happy and peace filled day!
Love, Heather