Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash update #5

Good morning! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! It was beautiful here in Northern Delaware. We have friends visiting from Arizona so there has been lots of sight seeing. Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Ft.  McHenry, Brandywine Battlefield and today they are off to Gettysburg so I thought I would pop on here and give my update.
I did really well this month. I only bought one skein of CC thread. So my grand total spent for May is $2.20. I had $43.10 carryover and adding this month's budget of $25.00. That leaves me with $65.90 carryover for next month. :-)
I haven't had a lot of stitching time this month. We have been enjoying being outside as much as possible. :-) We went to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge on mothers day. I love to bird watch and so I was in bird heaven. We went up to Hershey Pennsylvania and met up with friends for lunch. And company for 2 weeks but, I did manage to get some done. I pulled out of my stitching bag my last cottage of the month that I have not finished. It is August. I had started it last July, but then I got busy with moving and it got put aside. I am almost finished and I will continue with it until I am done. :-)
I have made two color changes. It was just a little too blue for my taste. :-) So I changed the house color to CC Key Largo, and the words to CC Ripe Melon.
Well, I hope that you are all having a lovely day!
Happy stitching!
Love, Heather
August Cottage when I picked it back up.
This is how far I got with my stitching this month.
A Great Blue Heron at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Afternoon tea with two of my three children on Mother's day.
A fun day was had in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 


Carol said...

Wasn't this the most perfect weather over the Memorial Day, Heather? I wish every day could be like those three were! Your AZ guest picked a great time to visit :)

Love the photo of you and your family on Mother's Day and that trip to the wildlife refuge sounds like a wonderful way to spend your day...

Pretty colors you've chosen--I'd like to live in that house, that's for sure!

Penny said...

Lots of interesting travels! Bombay Hook is a lovely area. What a pretty cottage - nice summery colors that you've chosen! Such a sweet picture with your family. :)

Barb said...

It looks like you have seen some very interesting things and places. What a nice family photo! I love the house color you chose.

Julie said...

A lovely colour change you have made to the little house.
Wonderful picture of you with your children, your tea time table lools very inviting.

Kay said...

I recently found my August cottage which I had completely forgotten about put away in a drawer. I should get working on it too.

Brigitte said...

What a lovely day you must have had on Mother's Day. The three of you are looking so happy on the picture.

Isn't it wonderful to spend the days outside when the weather is so wonderful? I also love doing so, spending time in the garden and on walks through the surrounding woods.

Nice stitching projects!

Karen Andreola said...

So you make color changes too?
What beautiful threads there are available.
Houses are one my favorite subjects for cross stitch.

Sally said...

What a lovely photo of you with two of your children on Mother's Day.

Your August cottage looks lovely. I've just started collecting these to stitch next year!

Well done on your May SFS. I didn't do so well as you but I didn't over spend so I guess I didn't do too badly!